British Animation Awards 2002 Prizewinners

The Paul Berry Student Award sponsored by Mackinnon & Saunders
Suzie Templeton for "Dog"
The Royal College of Art
Jury Citation
"For a powerful story, subtly told with great technical skill, which takes the audience on an emotional journey."

Prize "baa" created by Colin Batty, UK

Craft Award
Michael Dudok de Wit for "Father & Daughter"
Produced by Cloudrunner and Cinété Filmproduktie for the Film Council, the Dutch Film Fund and VPRO Television
Jury Citation
"for a production which seems to effortlessly combine every craft aspect effectively to deliver a wonderful film."

Prize "baa" created by Wendy Tilby, Canada

Craft in a Commercial Award
Alyson Hamilton for "Aero: Kiosk"
Produced by Passion Pictures for Lowe Lintas
Jury Citation
"for its technically impeccable and strong character animation"

Prize "baa" created by Stephen Weston, USA

Best Direction of a Commercial
Sam Morrison for ""
Produced by Nexus Productions for Mother
Jury Citation
"for its ability to interpret a great idea, such a good marriage of style and idea - and beautifully "uncrafted"

Prize "baa" created by Phil Mulloy, UK


Best Pre-School Series sponsored by BBC Worldwide:
An Vrombaut for "64 Zoo Lane"
Produced by Zoo Lane Productions in co-production with Millimages for CBBC Jury Citation
"For its design, storytelling, humour and subtlety of message: and it's nice to see a gently paced series in a fast paced world..."

Prize "baa" created by Alexander Bubnov, France

Best Children's Series
Sponsored by TV Loonland
Francis Vose for "Albie"
Produced by Cosgrove Hall Films for CITV
Jury Citation
"For an original, witty and charming route into a child's imagination"

Prize "baa" created by Ken Lidster, UK

Best TV Special
Sponsored by Cosgrove Hall
Barry Purves for "Hamilton Mattress"
Produced by Harvest Films Ltd for BBC Bristol in association with Egmont Imagination and Entertainment Rights plc
Jury Citation
"For its original concept and ambition"

Prize "baa" created by John Webster, UK


Best Comedy Series Sponsored by Cartoon Network
Chris Shepherd for "People's Britain"
Produced by Slinky Pictures Ltd for Channel 4
Jury Citation
"For its writing, direction, format, energy and thought-provoking content"

Prize "baa" created by Cordell Barker, Canada


Best Scenario
Michael Dudok de Wit for "Father and Daughter"
Produced byCloudrunner and Cinété Filmproduktie for the Film Council, the Dutch Film Fund and VPRO Television
Jury Citation
"A simple, heartbreaking story, told with an assured uncertainty, which will move and resonate in any place and at any time"

Prize "baa" created by Amanda Forbis, Canada


Best Film at the Cutting Edge Sponsored by Passion Pictures
the Brothers Quay for "In Absentia"
Produced by Konink Studios Ltd for BBC
Jury Citation
"For its creation of a wholly new imaginative realm, that seemlessly integrates intense electonric compostion and imafe, live actin and animation to create a highly tectured work at once sensory, imersive and empathetic, that extends the range of the short film. "

Prize "baas" created by Igor Kovalyov & Jerzy Kucia

Best MusicVideo sponsored by TNT
Peter Canderland & Jamie Hewlett for "Gorillaz: Clint Eastwood"
Produced by Passion Pictures for EMI/Parlophone J
ury Citation
"for its wit, stunning choreography and interesting combination of techniques"

Prize "baa" created by Vehicle (Alan Smith & Adam Foulkes), UK


Most Creative Use of New technologies sponsored by BBC Media Arc
Leigh Hodgkinson for "Novelty" the National Film & Television School
Jury Citation
"for its orignality and invention and creative integration of diverse techniques"

Prize "baa" created by Mario Cavalli, UK


Best Short Film Sponsored by Bermuda Shorts
Michael Dudok de Wit for "Father & Daughter"
Produced by Cloudrunner and Cinété Filmproduktie for the Film Council, the Dutch Film Fund and VPRO Television
Jury Citation
"for its combination of beauty of line, deceptive simplicity and emotional resonance...once in a while a film comes along that defines itself as an instant classic: as with the winner of this award, words are superfluous..."

Prize "baa" created by Michel Ocelot, France

Childrens Choice Sponsored by Entertainment Rights
Dave Unwin for "War Game"
Produced by Illuminated Films and Scala Productions in association with the Film Council, Channel 4 and Infiniss.

Prize "baa" created by Mike Smith

Public Choice Cinema audiences in 17 venues across the UK voted for their
Favourite Commercial Winner

Darren Walsh for "Tennents: Pintlings"
Produced by Aardman for Leith Agency

Prize "baa" created by Derek Hayes, UK


Public Choice Favourite Music Video
Winner Tim Hope for "Coldplay"
Produced by Passion Pictures for EMI/Parlophone

Prize "baa" created by Jonathan Hodgson, UK


Favourite Film
Winner Matthew Hood for "Metalstasis"
Produced at the National Film and Television Schoool

Prize "baa" created by Andreas Hykade, Germany


Best International Short Film Award Sponsored by Millimages
Jerzy Kucia for "Tuning Instruments"
Produced by Jerzy Kucia
Prodkcja Filmów for Telewizja Polska S.A. Program 2, Agencja Filmowa
Jury Citation
"for taking the viewer on an intriguing journey, via a compelling interplay of sound and image which produce a powerful emotional effect"

Prize "baa" created by Run Wrake, UK


Best European Animated Feature
The jury decided, unanimously to split the prize betwen two equally outstanding films:
Peter Lord and Nick Park for "Chicken Run"
Produced by Aardman for Dreamworks in association with Pathé
Jury Citation
"for its wit, warmth, accomplished storytelling and bravura technique"

Prize "baa" created by Graham Ralph (UK)


Michel Ocelot for "Kirikou"
Produced by Les Armateurs, Odec Kid Cartoons, Monipoly, France 3 Cinema, Exposure, Trans Europe Film, Studio O.R.T.B.F
Jury Citation
"for its beguiling simplicity, gorgeous visual design, sensuality, infectious humour, and its skill at continually surprising the audience "

Prize "baa" created by Michael Dudok de Wit, UK/Holland