British Animation Awards

**The BAAs are now closed for entries for 2022**

The next BAAs are on Thursday MARCH 10th 2022

Every two years the animation community comes together for a night of fun as the British Animation Awards hosts an awards ceremony to celebrate all that is great about animation in the UK. 

Who would have thought the gathering for the successful March 2020 event at the BFI Southbank would be fondly remembered as the last large animation event before the pandemic took hold and one of the only big physical gatherings of that year!

Put the next BAA ceremony date in your diary now  – Thursday March 10th 2022. The team are underway with planning some great surprises for you and more news will be revealed over the coming months.

Each of the winners receive an outstanding original artwork produced by some of the finest artists and animators working in the creative industries. 

Prize Artwork



BAA 2020 Winners

Key for 2020 Winners and Artists

2020 Winners Key

  1. Felix Massie – Prize Artist
  2. Mic Graves – Winner (Best Use of Sound)
  3. Miles Jupp (Compere)
  4. Marshmallow Laser Feast – Winner (Best Immersive)
  5. Marshmallow Laser Feast – Winner (Best Immersive)
  6. Giovanna Utichi – Winner (Best Original Short Form Content)
  7. Barney Goodland (from Magic Light Pictures) – WINNER (Best Voice Performance)
  8. Kitty Taylor – Prize Artist
  9. Thomas O’ Meara – Winner (Best Animation in a Commercial)
  10. Matthew Day – Winner (Best Animation in a Commercial)
  11. Jim Le Fevre – Prize Artist
  12. Alys Scott-Hawkins – Prize Artist
  13. Megan Earls – Winner (Best Undergraduate Student Film)
  14. Jonathan Hodgson – Winner (Best Short Film)
  15. Derek Hayes – Prize Artist
  16. Richard Keith Wolff – Prize Artist
  17. Ian Whittle (from Second Home Studios) – Winner (Best Film or TV Graphic/Motion Design)
  18. Maryam Mojaher – Winner (Public Choice)
  19. Karen Davidsen (on behalf of Paddington) – Winner (Best Children’s Pre-School)
  20. Simon Quinn (on behalf of Paddington) – Winner (Best Children’s Pre-School)
  21. Chris Randall – Winner (Best Film or TV Graphics/Motion Design)
  22. Jason Fletcher-Bartholomew (from Aardman) – Winner (Best Social Good)
  23. Carl Hadley (from Second Home Studios) – Winner (Best Film or TV Graphic/Motion Design)
  24. Asa Lucander – Winner (Best Music Video)
  25. David Arnold – Winner (Best Original Music)
  26. Mole Hill – Prize Artist
  27. Will Becher – Winner – Best Longform
  28. Ian Emes – Prize Artist
  29. Roxannah (Roxi) Linklater – Winner (The Lamb Award)
  30. Danny Capozzi – Winner (Best Social Good)
  31. Richard Phelan – Winner (Best Longform)
  32. Grant Orchard – Prize Artist
  33. Sarah Cox (from Aardman) – Winner (Children’s Choice)
  34. Alex Widdowson – Winner (Best Postgraduate Student Film)
  35. Richard Overall – Winner (Writers Award)
  36. Tony Hull – Winner (Writers Award)
  37. Chris Shepherd – Prize Artist
  38. Jock Mooney – Winner (Public Choice Music Video)
  39. Alasdair Brotherston – Winner (Public Choice Music Video)


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