The Alliance of British Animation Exhibitors stands shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with all Ukranian and Russian animation professionals opposed to the war in Ukraine.

We are thinking of you…

The Alliance of British Animation Exhibitors (ABAE) is the central exhibition hub for British animation in the UK, working with key partners to support, exhibit and promote British animation to the UK and the rest of the world.

The Alliance co-founders are:

  • Kieran Argo – Producer, British Animation Awards
  • Helen Brunsdon – Director, British Animation Awards
  • Sam Groves – Programmer, Flatpack Festival (Birmingham)
  • Jen Hall – Producer, Manchester Animation Festival
  • Steve Henderson – Director, Manchester Animation Festival
  • Lauren Orme – Director, Cardiff Animation Festival
  • Chris Pallant – Director, Canterbury Anifest
  • Nag Vladermersky – Director, The London International Animation Festival
  • Rich Warren – Director, Encounters Film Festival