Joan Ashworth

Ashworth is an artist/ filmmaker whose films explore suffrage archives, meadow swimming, and the fertility of mermaids. Research includes CHILDSPLA and Animation Therapy working with medical professionals to expand what animation can bring to complex health questions.

She directed The Web, How Mermaids Breed, and Mushroom Thief, and commissions for cinema and TV including the opening titles for Tim Burton’s Batman.1994-2015, Ashworth headed up the Postgraduate Animation at the Royal College of Art.

Ashworth teaches storytelling and animation through Stories in Transit initiated by Marina Warner to address refugee rights to a life of the mind. Ashworth’s current film project is a portrait of Sylvia Pankhurst, suffragette & artist, using animation to probe and vivify Pankhurst’s rich archive.

What is your favourite British animation of all time?

The Comb, (1990. Brothers Quay. 18mins), is a sensual tactile representation of the secondary world invading the primary world, and best watched projected from 35mm film, with the cinema almost empty apart from Brian Eno who is sitting next to you.

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