Dave Unwin

“I started in animation in 1970, straight out of art college, employed as a trainee assistant animator at Halas and Batchelors. I spent the next 20 years, animating, designing and laying out, and occasionally directing, on a mix of TV ads and longer-form entertainment projects. My break into directing proper came in 1991when John Coates at TVC asked me to direct ‘Father Christmas’, which opened the door to many other opportunities and a very enjoyable directing career. Not bad when I only intended to try out animation for a year or two before looking around for a ‘proper job’! Almost 50 years later, here I still am! I’ve been very lucky.”

What’s the best thing about working in the industry?

The best thing about working in the industry must be meeting the very many talented people who were (mostly) a genuine pleasure to work with.

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