Alex Collier

Alex is an animation writer, with Danger Mouse, Mr Bean, Dennis and Gnasher, It’s Pony & My Little Pony somewhere on his C.V. He has also been a Viz cartoonist for over twenty years, which explains his BAA artwork. 

So far his Viz work and his Children’s work hasn’t been accidentally mixed up… yet!

What is your favourite British animation of all time?

Mr Bean was the first animated show I wrote on so I remember it very fondly. Plus you couldn’t get more British.

What’s the best thing about working in the industry?

Most other jobs, you’d get sacked for watching cartoons during work hours. I like being in a job where I’d get sacked for not watching them.

Provide a quirky quote or comment

My mentor Mark Oswin said of dialogue that every line should be Funny, Drive Plot or Reveal Character. It should do at least two of those things, and ideally all three. 

It’s great advice to write by, although I still occasionally struggle to hit just one of them…

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