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Best Music Video

Clubstrophobia: Vegas

Dir: Michelle Yu

Slinky Pictures

A stunning colourful journey through the land and city scapes of Las Vegas, following the footprints of a funky slinky cat as she both explores and exploits the wedding industry of the neon city. These Cool Kittens even pay homage to Thelma & Louise.

Grand Drive: Firefly

Dir: Trunk


A music promo for the band 'Grand Drive' made entirely in computer but with a 'shadow puppet' style. The film follows a Rapunzel-esque love story

The Vessels: Look for Me

Dir: Trunk


A music video made for 'The Vessels', made using flash and after-effects the promo features a smorgasbord of animation techniques to depict the life and death of a doomed relationship.

Apollo 440: Dude descending a Staircase

Dir: Simon Henwood

Nexus Productions

Henwood gives us a twisted version of the classic toons of our childhood, as we follow a warped cat's trip into a labyrinth-like club. The video features over seventy characters descending into psychedelic dance mayhem.

Goldfrapp: Strict Machine

Dir: Jonas Odell

Nexus Productions

Jonas Odell's hypnotic translation of Goldfrapp's 'Strict Machine' is a graphic and live action collage. Odell blends dog-headed dancers, butterflies, urban architecture and Ms Goldfrapp herself into a kaleidoscopic noval feast.

Badly Drawn Boy: You Were Right

Dir: Simon Henwood

Nexus Productions

Simon Henwood takes Badly Drawn Boy on a journey through a landscape of domestic conflict and surreal dream imagery using a collage approach along with 3D animation and live action. Along the way he meets an array of bizzare characters only to discover the path to his true happiness is the heart of his own home.

Four Tet: My Angel Rocks Back and Forth

Dir: Woof Wan Bau

Nexus Productions

Woof Wan Bau's cinematic music video for Four Tet imagines a black and white stylised world in which shoppping malls and Japanese NOH drama meet for the first time.

Fatman Scoop: Be Faithful

Dir: Finkbom

Picasso Pictures

The promo is a bold CGI spectacular, portraying a body-less, raucous and loud Fatman Scoop going crazy on the mike, as he wreaks havoc around the city, outwitting the police and picking up women, as he forces radio DJ's to play his tune.

Evan Dando: Stop my Head

Dir: Damian Gascoigne, Caroline Espenhahn

Picasso Pictures

An amusing twist on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Created in After Affects and Animated In Flash, which proved an ideal medium to create an offbeat illustrative graphic look that serves to enhance the left-field style of the video and track.

The Dysfunctional Psychedelic Waltons: Payback Time

Dir: Stuart Hilton

Picasso Pictures

Expands the soundtrack from the Levi's commercial, portraying a city under control and infested by a breed of rowdy, gangster mouse people. Stuart Hilton shot the live action characters in a studio keyed them in to digitally created street scene backgrounds, using After Affects.

Lemon Jelly: Ramblin Band

Dir: Airside


This short film tells the story of the band Lemon Jelly

Killing Joke: Seeing Red

Dir: Oblong


The music video features Killing Joke front man Jaz Coleman as a vengeful and demented God. Incensed by a world lost to the evils of capitalism, he unleashes his wrath, transforming an idyllic industrial scene into a blood red, burnt out wasteland. Waves of fire rip oil fields from the earth replacing them with chaos and desolation.

Mr Scruff : Sweetsmoke

Dir: Ben Turner

Cosgrove Hall Films

Sweetsmoke is the title of the single by DJ 'Mr Scruff'. "Music plus pies equals happiness"... an equation for modern life. As simple as that!

Lemon Jelly: Nice Weather for Ducks

Dir: Nigel Pay


Tandem Films Entertainment

A grey and overcast park scene, is transformed by a magic raindrop that falls from the sky and spreads across the environment sending a tramp and all the animals in the park into a blissed - out dance routine.

Black and Blue

Dir: Oblong

Black and Blue tells the story of the discarded objects and memories of an abandoned house, namely porcelain animals, model aircraft, photographs and even the wallpaper. Devoid of any further purpose, they take on a life of their own in the dark empty rooms of the house.

Bonobo: Flutter

Dir: Ben White, Chris Rule

Conkerco for Ninja Tune

In a sumptuous other- worldly setting of vibrant colour and monolithic liquids. Conkerco's animated promo for Bonobo unravels a complex visual narrative set within the split second of an ice cream van crashing from a cliff. We are taken from complete abstraction to the stark reality of the event, in reverse, by a lifeless toy which once adorned the vans overhead mirror.

Homelife: Flying Wonders

Dir: Sophie Choupas

Ninja Tune

The strange world of Homelife reveals the manic, perverse, touching but often pointless, nature of human obsession and endeavour.

Franz Ferdinand: Take Me Out

Dir: Jonas Odell

Nexus Productions

A dadaist inspired photographic montage for rising stars Franz Ferdinand. Created in a graphic collage style, the promo references constructivist photomontages of the early 20th century. It develops from a straightforward performance piece to an animated collage version of the band composed with Busby Berkely style choreography of mechanical machines.

Basement Jaxx: Lucky Star

Dir: Katie Dawson


The video was shot in a day and completed in one week. It is a psychedelic journey through the cosmos. All the elements including putting Mercury Music Prize winners Dizzie Rascal's head on a child’s body were animated and composited using a mixture of Shake and Avid Ds.

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks: Dark Wave

Dir: Scott Lyon

Oil Factory Films

An old salty sea dogs exploits with Captain Malkmus are illustrated the animation of his many and varied tattoos.

Blur: Good Song

Dir: Shynola & David Shrigley

Oil Factory Films

Lonesome fairy finds an unlikely partner in a squirrel. Relationship ends inn disaster & murder as the story takes an unexpecyed twist.

Rapture: House of Jealous

Dir: Shynola

Oil Factory Films

Evil Super Duck causes havoc across New York while The Rapture play to an enraptured audience.

Junior Senior: Move Your Feet

Dir: Shynola

Oil Factory Films

Evil Squirrel tries to take over the world and succeeds.

One Giant Leap: My Culture

Dir: Tim Hope

Passion Pictures

My Culture is talking about our past, our ancestors, and most specifically about our dads. Maxi has an almost reverential respect for his fathers and his ancestor's knowledge, Robbie launches a stream of abuse at his father via the medium of pop.

Iron Maiden: Wildest Dreams

Dir: Ian Bird, Howard Greenhalgh

Bird Studios London

An animation extravaganza of turbo-charged off world vehicles driven by Iron Maiden band members across an alien moonscape in crazed 'wacky-races' style; featuring Eddie, the band's figure-head, as the demonic and wild Ringmaster of a cavernous subterranean world populated by mini air guitar playing head bangers and evil serpents.