The Tiny Chef Show

Year : 2024
Winning Category : International Animated Series

Winner - British Animation Awards 2024

Tiny Chef hosts his own tiny cooking show, and with his best friends Olly, Ruby and Henry, cooks up tasty dishes and amazing adventures. Tiny Chef finds joy in sharing his creations with his friends and puts his love into every dish he makes. Tiny Chef makes pancakes but loses his confidence when he breaks his special lucky pancake flipping spatula. Celebrity Guest: Kristen Bell

Directors: Rachel Larsen, Chris Tichborne
Writer: Alec Schwimmer
Producers: Rachel Larsen, Ozlem Akturk, Adam Reid, Phil Chalk, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Stephanie Sperber, Kristen Bell, Morgan Sackett, Nickelodeon
Key Cast: Kristen Bell, Matt Hutchinson, Odessa A’Zion, RuPaul

Awarded prize artwork by Derek Hayes