Year : 2024
Winning Category : Best Music Video

Winner - British Animation Awards 2024

When a brief comes along that allows us to push the boundaries and unleash the gloomy and the weird, we’re all in! DeathByRomy’s dark and compelling aesthetic and Adult Swim’s appetite for uncompromising content allowed us to do just that…

Following a dramatically visceral script and drawing visual inspiration from 90s anime classics, we had all the tools we needed to create this 3 minute music video.

Premiering at Adult Swim’s music festival this summer with DeathByRomy in attendance, the ‘Late Nights’ music video has achieved 50k views on Adult Swim’s Youtube channel.

Director: Golden Wolf
Executive Producer / Managing Director: Dotti Sinnott
Creative Director: Charles Bigeast
Head of Production: Heidi Stephenson
Creative Talent Director: Henry Purrington
Art Director: Dan Burgess
Animation Leads: Carlos Linares-Rivas Rodríguez, Rebecca Perrone
Producer: Rebekah Ratliff
Production Manager: Lucy Caetano
Production Coordinator: Dani Bordelon
Production Assistant: Alex Young
Resource Coordinator: Beatriz Rodrigues
Storyboard: Dan Burgess, Carlos Linares-Rivas Rodriguez
Design: Dan Burgess, Johnny Cardoso, Cendan Claiborne,  Kensei Thomas, Anand Ramcheron, Julien Belin, Léa Rey-Mauzaize, Mathieu Reynès, Matthew Bordenave
Animation: Thomas Eide, Ian Chan, Jeremie Becquer, Natalia Lucia, Elpida Fousteri
FX Animation: Kensei Thomas, Tim Whiting
Compositing Leads: John Wilkinson, Ian Pinder
Compositing: Stefan Ahmad, Mahmoud Badran, Pierre Morin, Paul Cheshire
Technical Support: Thomas Purrington

Awarded prize artwork by Derek Hayes