Alzheimer’s Research UK ‘Change The Ending’

Year : 2024
Winning Category : Social Good Award

Winner - British Animation Awards 2024

Alzheimer’s Research UK and agency, Above+Beyond, launches a heartbreaking animated film to envision the ‘happily ever afters’ that dementia has stolen.

The spot features traditional hand-drawn animation directed by againstallodds produced by Passion Pictures, and a live action resolve directed by Tubby Brothers.

This impactful film brings home the importance of Alzheimer Research UK’s mission to find a cure, and urges the British public to stand with them and support their revolutionary research. The campaign is the first under their new platform ‘For A Cure’.

Production Company: Passion Pictures
Director: againstallodds
Animation Director: againstallodds
Executive Producers: Belle Palmer, Juliette Stern
Head of Production:  Juliette Stern
Producer: Matt Saxton
Key Cast: Olivia Coleman
Character Design: againstallodds
Backgrounds: Samuel Klughertz
Storyboard: againstallodds
Animators: againstallodds
Compositing: againstallodds
Editing: againstallodds
Live Action Directors: Tubby Brother
Post Production Services by: No. 8
Producer: Hannah Jarold

Awarded prize artwork by Derek Hayes