The Beatles Vs The Stones

The battle of the bands, at last. Animated slapstick and anarchy as two bone-fide giants of music attempt to outdo each other with trickery, silliness and cake fights. With a specially made music track that takes from both bands to make something brand new. Why don’t we do it in the road?

Director: Andrew Kelleher (Dog&Rabbit)
Writer: Andrew Kelleher (Dog&Rabbit)
Producer: Dave Anderson (Dog&Rabbit)

Two Gracious Uncles Smooched to The Beat

A philosophical debate on the legitimacy of art created by A.I. tools told through the medium of silliness.

Director: Jon Dunleavy
Writer: Jon Dunleavy
Producer: Jon Dunleavy
Sound Design: Phil Archer

Hairy Houdini

An incarcerated orangutan outwits zoo keepers with a series of enclosure escapes.

Director: Trevor Hardy
Animator: Trevor Hardy
Writer: Emma Burch
Producer: Emma Burch
Key Cast: Charlie H
Post Production: Daniele Baiardini
Sound Design: Fonic Post

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