Alzheimer’s Research UK ‘Change The Ending’

Alzheimer’s Research UK and agency, Above+Beyond, launches a heartbreaking animated film to envision the ‘happily ever afters’ that dementia has stolen.

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The spot features traditional hand-drawn animation directed by againstallodds produced by Passion Pictures, and a live action resolve directed by Tubby Brothers.

This impactful film brings home the importance of Alzheimer Research UK’s mission to find a cure, and urges the British public to stand with them and support their revolutionary research. The campaign is the first under their new platform ‘For A Cure’.

Production Company: Passion Pictures
Director: againstallodds
Animation Director: againstallodds
Executive Producers: Belle Palmer, Juliette Stern
Head of Production:  Juliette Stern
Producer: Matt Saxton
Key Cast: Olivia Coleman
Character Design: againstallodds
Backgrounds: Samuel Klughertz
Storyboard: againstallodds
Animators: againstallodds
Compositing: againstallodds
Editing: againstallodds
Live Action Directors: Tubby Brother
Post Production Services by: No. 8
Producer: Hannah Jarold

Ask me how I am

A story of self-harm from those living through it – this animated documentary aims to bust a few myths while offering positive advice to loved-ones.

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Collaborating with mental health charity Fullscope, directors Joseph Clark and Zan Barberton worked closely with groups of young people, incorporating their candid interviews into the film’s narration. Through workshops and interviews, the young contributors’ fingerprints are metaphorically and literally all over the film, making it a powerful and honest testament to their experiences.

Directors: Joseph Clark, Zan Barberton
Produced by: Katie Edwards, Juliet Snell
Sound & Music: Skillbard
Additional Animation: Russ Etheridge, Margaux Scanatovits, Nina Gebauer
Made with:

Inner Polar Bear

A film exploring the alternative human and animal perspectives on the implications of climate change using sand animation to illustrate a piece of writing by acclaimed novelist Jeanette Winterson narrated by Maxine Peake.

Director: Gerald Conn
Jeanette Winterson
Naomi Jones
Key Cast:
Maxine Peake

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