Lamb Award

Beatriz Diosdado Masa

Nominated by: Blue Zoo Animation Studio
Creative Role: 3D Artist
Reason for Nomination: Beatriz, a standout Modeller at Blue Zoo Animation Studio, has shown exceptional dedication and talent since joining amidst the pandemic, contributing to ‘The Adventures of Paddington’ and other projects. Despite language barriers, she consistently exceeds expectations, demonstrating outstanding teamwork and high-quality work.

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Asset Supervisors, Egizia Marchetti, and Emilie Brown, commend her remarkable artistic skills and reliability, noting her ability to thrive under pressure and adapt across various tasks. Beatriz’s attention to detail and versatility shine through her work on environments, props, and costumes, consistently delivering top-notch results. She actively seeks and incorporates feedback, displaying professionalism and grace in her approach. Beatriz’s growth and contributions make her a deserving nominee for the LAMB award, reflecting her dedication, talent, and impact on the team’s success.

Aiesha Penwarden

Nominated by: Skylark Films / Big Squid Ink
Creative Role: Co-Director / Head of Story
Film Nominee: Middle Watch
Reason for Nomination: Aiesha Penwarden is a BAFTA nominated Indonesian-English Director and Story Artist based in London. Middle Watch was her debut (co)directorial film. Since then, Aiesha has worked as a Story Artist for animated commercial and TV productions. Currently she is Head of Story for an unannounced animated feature film.

Malachi James

Nominated by: Blue Zoo Animation Studio
Creative Role: Storyboard Artist
Reason for Nomination: Malachi, a Storyboard Artist at Blue Zoo Animation Studio, has made a significant impact with his fresh perspective and dedication.

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With a First Class Honours BA in Animation from London College of Communication, he specialises in 2D animation and storyboarding, boasting a portfolio including work for Netflix, Moonbug Entertainment, and Untold Studios. Beyond the day job, Malachi shares his expertise through his YouTube channel and hosted a successful solo exhibition for charity in 2022. Series Directors, Will Lloyd-Cook and Simon Taylor, commend Malachi’s creativity, collaborative spirit, and ability to meet deadlines. His contributions to projects like Numberblocks demonstrate his talent and potential for further success. Malachi’s commitment to excellence makes him a highly recommended candidate for the LAMB award.

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