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Dead End: Paranormal Park – 109 The Phantom of the Theme Park

Two teens and a talking pug team up to battle demons at a haunted theme park — and maybe even save the world from a supernatural apocalypse. With the help of Pugsley’s musical spell, Barney and Norma try to stop Pauline’s plan. Meanwhile, Courtney wrestles with a dilemma.

Director: Liz Whitaker
Based on the Deadendia Books by: Hamish Steele
Writer: Hamish Steele and Jen Bardekoff
Head Writer: Nicole Paglia
Writer’s Assistant: Divya Sachdeva-Malde
Executive Producers: Hamish Steele, James Stevenson Bretton, Tom Stuart
Head of Production: Benjamin Lole
Series Producer: Jen Coatsworth
Line Producer: Ruth McKie
Music By: Patrick Stump and Julian Guidetti


The supermarket is closed but everything is far from calm and quiet – There’s trouble afoot….Evil PEA has escaped her icy lair in the freezer and is determined to create chaos in the aisles and take over the Supermarket forever.

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Luckily wholesome hero, SUPERTATO, is there ready to tackle all types of mischief and mayhem with some superhero smarts, a swoosh of his cape and a little help from his fresh produce friends. In this episode Broccoli is horrified when she discovers that someone has painted moustaches on her photographs. Supertato and Carrot hatch a plan to discover who did it.

Director: Dominic Minns
Writer: Doug Sinclair
Producer: Joanne Jordan

The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe – The Prince and the Valiant Quest

Set in a world of swashbuckling heroes, royal rivalries, and magical fairy-tale creatures, we follow a delusional young buck on the greatest adventure of his life.

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Accompanied by his loyal squire Bert, Prince Ivandoe sets off on a quest to Eagle Mountain, through The Five Kingdoms, in order to claim the legendary Golden Feather. A journey that will take him far away from home and place him in the path of unimaginable dangers…and some rather spectacular nincompoops!

Episode: The Prince and the Valiant Quest

Prince Ivandoe sets off with Bert on a Heroic Quest and, almost immediately, a winged serpent steals his map to Eagle Mountain. But that shan’t stop a plucky young buck from fulfilling his Destiny. Quest On!

Created By: Christian Bøving-Andersen & Eva Lee Wallberg
Co-Created By: Daniel Lennard
Directors: Christian Bøving-Andersen & Eva Lee Wallberg
Writers: Christian Bøving-Andersen, Eva Lee Wallberg & Daniel Lennard
Series Producer: Emma Fernando
Key Cast: Rasmus Hardiker & Freddie Fox
Music: Xav Clarke
Sound Design: Fuse Post Ltd

Lego City: No Limits

When Bytz, Mech.Max and Wanda About sign up for LEGO City police training for the day, they never thought they’d end up trying to catch their own best friend Just Jason after he gets caught up in a real bank heist!  The chase is on but who will win? The good guys, or the other good guy who doesn’t know he’s a bad guy?

Director: Ben Steer
Head Writers: Alec Smith, Philip Brooks
Supervising Producers: Adam Shaw, Siân Judge
Production Manager: Clair Healy-Scully
Executive Producers: Jill Wilfert, Keith Malone, Robert Fewkes
Producer: Vicky Kjær Jensen

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