The Moonseeker

A man who is grieving the loss of his daughter has taken a creature captive, whose magical powers allow him to see her again. But one night, everything changes, and he must make a choice.

Directors: Diana Blázquez Martín, Katherine Galley
Writer: Diana Blázquez Martín
Producers: Diana Blázquez Martín, Edda Katrín Malmquist
Animators: Diana Blázquez Martín, Katherine Galley, Edda Katrín Malmquist, Evangelos Mayson, Anna Lokotkova
Backgrounds and Layouts: Edda Katrín Malmquist, Anna Lokotkova, Evangelos Mayson, Tamara Quaddora
Composer: Sam MacDonald
Sound Design: Adeyami Ogunkanmi


This short film is a student-produced humorous sitcom that takes place on an unusual night when the cat “Donut” is as mischievous as ever, but unfortunately this time he has set his sights on his owner’s toes.

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Wrapped up in her anger, the owner of the hunted toe turns into a monster and goes on a fight and chase with her cat around the house, and although the cat is eventually caught, there seems to be no end in sight.

Director: Yunxin Zou
Yunxin Zou
Yunxin Zou
Key Cast:
Yunxin Zou


A desperate man undergoes an experimental trial with a new technology called CORTEX, embarking on a journey through his mindscape to reconstruct his memories and modify his past trauma.

Director : Sena Miyazaki
Writers: Sena Miyazaki, Lydia Harrison
Lead Animator and Visual Development: Rebecca Oddy
Animation: Sentou Timbo, Maria Belik, Anabel Ebulubu, Sena Miyazaki
Backgrounds and Layouts: Sena Miyazaki, Lydia Harrison, Rebecca Oddy, Amauir Lopez, Misia Paczek, Armin Rangani, Laurice Quirit
3D Background Modeller: Laurice Quirit
Music and Sound Design: Samuel Morot-Saferis
Sound Mixing: Simon Jouteau

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