Death of the Gods

The story of a hug. A boy’s journey across a surreal world to find his fallen giant.

Director: Leto Stojanovic Meade
Writer: Hipatia Arguero Mendoza
Producer: Karima Sammout-Kanellopoulou
Key Cast: Angelo Audi Moonsam
Cinematography: Wouter Verheul
Production Designer: Jack Haggerty
Editor: Jon Atli Gudjonsson
Sound Designer: Oliver Mapp
Composer: Aaron King

Spring Roll Dream

Linh is a Vietnamese mother who lives with her son in America. When her father visits and insists on cooking a traditional Vietnamese meal, Linh is confronted with the past and culture she left behind

Director and Animator: Mai Vu
Producer: Thijme Grol
Chloe White
Martyna Jakimowska
Production Designer:
Nathalie Carraro
Editor: Mira Thu
Sam Rapley
Sound Designer: Carlos San Juan Juanchi
Production Manager:
Nikoleta Slezakova, Ciara McKenna
Cast: Elyse Dinh, Bui Bai Binh, Jarlan Bogolubov
Colourist and Online Editor:
Karolina Matela
Visual Effects: Jurrian van Vuuren, Lennard Klaaijsen
Graphic Designer: Atakan Kara
Lead Model Makers: Ellen Beaufoy, Jo Sperring

The Wolf of Custer

A small Mid-West town loves to regale stories about a legendary wolf but a stranger from out of town has no time for such tall tales. He proclaims that it’s just an ordinary wolf and that he will be the one to catch it.

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He sets off on the hunt, only to find truth in the legend. Finally, he will witness and understand the power of stories. This film is based on a true story.

Director: Tanya J Scott
Writers: Tanya J Scott, Jack Maraghy
Editor: Tommaso Di Paola
Producers: Tidza Karup
Key Cast: James Sobol Kelly, Tara Hugo, Oliver Smith, David Menkin

Crab Day

As part of a fishing community’s annual ritual, a young boy must kill his first crab in order to become a man and gain his father’s approval.

Director: Ross Stringer
Writer: Aleksandra Sykulak
Producer: Bartosz Stanislawek

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