Jeremy, my Father

‘Jeremy, my Father,’ is a poignant film which attempts to navigate bereavement following suicide. Through animation, archival footage, and sound, director Miranda Peyton Jones guides us to the heart of her grief, love and loss.

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The voices of her family and her father’s music underscore this deeply personal, powerful, and poignant film.

Director: Miranda Peyton Jones
Miranda Peyton Jones
Miranda Peyton Jones
Claire Peyton Jones,Lois Peyton Jones, Miranda Peyton Jones, Susan Molly Rowe
Voice Actor: Monro Peyton Jones
Jeremy Peyton Jones, Patric Peyton Jones
Sound Designer:
Miranda Peyton Jones

Something More

Something More is an experimental animated documentary that explores the causes of youth violence, and more specifically the impact of knife crime in London.

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Through the lens of a mother raising her 8 year old son in South East London, the film combines a variety of perspectives and stories from those that have been connected to the issue. The documentary engages with the epidemic on a deeper level. It endeavours to ignite further conversations that question both the criminal justice system and the current political climate, all of which point to youth knife crime as a symptom of a wider societal problem.

Director: Mary Martins
Key Cast:
Joshua Martins-Johns

Another Presence

Another Presence recounts the unique and often curious experiences of people living with dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), the third most common form of dementia.

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A multi-sensory condition that can cause dream-like symptoms, it’s a condition like no other. Told through the testimonies of those living with DLB, the film explores the surreal and lesser known effects of dementia, compelling us to question how our brains function and to what extent we can trust our senses.

Director: Simon Ball
Sound Designer:
Zai Tang
Research Advisor:
Rimona Weil
Communications & Marketing:
Kailey Nolan
Camera Operator:
Oliver Zimmermann

A Taste For Music

Living with a sick loved one can have benefits and problems, a self-reflected documentary inspired by the memories and the record collection of the director’s father.

Director: Jordan Antonowicz-Behnan

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