Ms. Marvel

Our work on Ms. Marvel, an American television miniseries created for the streaming service Disney+ spans a wide range of creative disciplines, from unique animated sketches and title designs through to note-perfect VFX work.

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Our team of artists and designers delivered a series of bespoke 2D and 3D animated sequences seen throughout the show, creating a unique and charming animation style for the main character which is threaded through the series. The sequences are over live action or appear from transitions to and from live action.

Head Creative : Ian Spendloff
Executive Producer: Niamh O’Donohoe
Lead Designer: David Lochhead
VFX Supervisor: Matthew Thomas
CG Supervisor: Phillip Robinson
Line Producer: Hong Yane Wang
Production Coordinator: Emma Simpson
2D Artists: Daniella Marsh, David Stump, Andrew Niven, Julien Van Wallendeal, Richard Smithson, Jocie Juritz, Alexis Liddell
Compositors: Puff Pisanwalerd, Miriam Pavese, Ewelina Freuer, Pablo Vero Moreno, Juriaan Wolters, Emily Govinden, Daniel Mannings, John Sellings, Daniel Ravanelli, Ariel Levental
3D: Tim Jenkinson, Bruno Buzinkay, Rebecca Meilak, Sofia Llobregat, Benjamin Lane, Edwin Schaap, Dave Edwardz, Damien Gustin, Aaron Hunwick, Adam Burnet, William Fiorentini, Victoria Stuart, Patrick Paguio, Nathan Clarke, Jack Beynon, Gabriela Pruszkowska, Jeroen Aerts


Odo is a preschool animated series for 3-5 year olds set in a lush beautiful forest and centered around Odo, a little owl with big ideas and with the help from his best friend Doodle, an orphan bird, he positively tackles every challenge no matter how big. When asked if he thinks he can do something, Odo will always confidently reply, ‘I know I can!’ Because in the forest, as in life, the most important thing you can do is to believe in yourself.

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Odo was created to sell into every country, to reach every kid in every home and tackle head-on much of the ugliness we’ve seen such as intolerance, mistrust, racism, silencing the weak, migration, bad leadership.  And the biggest one of all – to promote self-esteem and positivity which are the best weapons against fear, depression and anxiety.

Directors : Piotr Szczepanowicz, Mikolaj Pilchowski
Writer: Colin Williams
Producers: Colin Williams, Jakub Karwowski
Visual Development: Jakub Karwowski, Mikotaj Pilchowski, Piotr Szczepanowicz
Art Directors: Alicja Gapińska, Natalia Garbaciak

Puffin Rock and The New Friends

Based on the award-winning TV series, Puffin Rock and the New Friends sees our family favourites, Oona, Baba, May and Mossy joined by a new cast of characters, as Isabelle, Phoenix and Marvin arrive on the island.

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It’s an action-packed story which celebrates our magnificent natural environment, and features themes of belonging, courage and friendship.

When the last Little Egg of the season disappears under mysterious circumstances, Oona and her new friends race against time to bring the Little Egg home before a big storm hits Puffin Rock and puts the entire island in danger.

Director: Jeremy Purcell
Sara Daddy
John McDaid, Nora Twomey, Paul Young, Tomm Moore
Executive Producers:
Fionnuala Deane, Gerry Shirren
Line Producer:
Caoimhe Ní Bhrádaigh
Art Director: Fran Bravo
Production Designer:
Stefano Scapolan
Editor: Sophie Borlée
Storyboard Supervisor:
Aidan McAteer
Creators: Tomm Moore, Lily Bernard, Paul Young
Key Cast:
Chris O’Dowd, Amy Huberman, Beth McCafferty, Eva Whittaker, Jo McDaid, James Henry, Anna McDaid, Euan McGrath, Aaron McGregor

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