Tweedy & Fluff

Tweedy is a little toy made from cloth, living alone in a weaver’s cottage until the arrival of Fluff – a four-legged ball of woolly fuzz who becomes his beloved pet. This heart-warming preschool series celebrates how it feels to own a pet: compassion, empathy, and an excellent sense of humour when it comes to falling on your bottom or discovering an unbelievable mess!

Director: Chris Randall
Creator / Showrunner: Corrinne Averiss
Producers: Martin Tapley, Chris Randall,  Corrinne Averiss
Narrator: Nina Wadia
Writer: Corrinne Averiss

The Sound Collector

The Sound Collector travels to a barn where he finds the most beautiful musical instrument to record.

Creators Erica Angell, Tom Angell
Erica Angell
Director: Chris Tichborne
Writer: Dave Ingham
Key Cast: Keira Knightley
Sound: Tom Angell

The Rubbish World of Dave Spud

The misadventures of underdog Dave Spud and his family. They embark on some extraordinary expeditions along with the likes of Gareth the Starfish and one eyed flea ridden Fuzzypeg the dog.

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The series intention of the UK produced ‘The Rubbish World of Dave Spud’ is to be very funny whilst embracing all, treat everyone equally, and to find the magic in the ordinary.

We chose to put forward ‘Moonbreaker’ written by Madeleine Brettingham, as we feel this episode hits the primary aim of being very funny, and whilst the story goes pretty ‘out there’, it starts in the much more familiar territory of glue sticks and scuppered plans!

At the story’s core, is the relationship between Gran and grandson Dave, hinting at one of the sacrifices Gran made to have her family. Gran gives up the chance of a big firework send-off to celebrate her big dream of traveling around the world on a cruise, because she was very pregnant with Dave’s mum, Betty. Grandson Dave, aware that this decision in turn led to him and his family, looking at the same firework, suggests that their family is certainly worth celebrating now instead.

Creator & Director: Edward Foster
Writers: Madeleine Brettingham, Myles McLeod, Dave Ingham, Beth Hughes, Hannah George, James Moran, Mariama Ives-Moiba, Morgan Bailey, Ciaran Murtagh, Andrew Barnett Jones
Producer: Iain Harvey
Key Cast: Johnny Vegas, Jane Horrocks, Gina Yashere, Lisa Hammond, Philip Glenister, Akyia Henry, Arthur Smith, Adam Gillen, David Holt, Inel Tomlinson
Script Editor: Vicky Godding
Storyboard Director: Bethan Hughes
Art Director: Sue Tong
Assistant Art Director: Lauren Orrells
Designer: Jessica Wong
Junior Designer: Katie Yang
Animation: Cloth Cat
Editor: Will Winfield
Assistant Editor: Flora Martyr
Music: Basement Jaxx
Executive Producer: Nick Harvey, Jon Rennie
Production Manager: Aimee Inglis
Production Coordinator:  Hodan Abdi

Lloyd of the Flies

The series follows the adventures of Lloyd B Fly, a housefly and the middle child of 453. Lloyd lives with his parents, his little sister PB and their 225 maggot siblings inside a compost bin they call home.

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In the series, Lloyd and PB are usually accompanied by Lloyd’s best friend, Abacus Woodlouse, and eccentric tag-along, Cornea Butterfly. Together they explore the strange world beyond the compost bin, where there is no shortage of lessons for Lloyd to very nearly learn.

Directors: Matthew Walker, Jane Davies
Writers: Ciaran Murtagh,  Andrew Barnett Jones
Producer: Jacqueline White
Key Cast: Tom Rosenthal, Alex Lawther, Lauren Patel

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