PUBLIC CHOICE 2008 supported by 

The Public Choice Programme offers you - the audience - the chance to select your favourite films from a fantastic range of animation films made over the past two years.

Three programmes containing a mix of animated shorts, music videos and commercials are screening at 28 venues across the UK. Venues and playdates

Public Choice Programmes 2008

Programme 1

Herzog and the Monsters       
Little Herzog almost gets lost in a forest full of monsters, or are they letters?
Lesley Barnes | Glasgow School of Art | 4:00

The Imperfectionist  
A quirky look at an illustrator’s relationships via his sketchbook in which a coded message reveals a phone number.   
Asa Lucander/Victoria Kitchingman | Blackwatch Productions | 2:50

Purple Grey 
A vivid imagination can be a seductive but debilitating distraction from life…
Sebastian Buerkner | 7:40

Psapp: Side Dish     
In a place where interior and exterior decor and domestic chores are tangled, a girl prepares a romantic meal for her dinner date.
Leigh Hodgkinson | Slinky Pictures | 3:30     

Lightspeed Champion: Dry Lips   
Champ desperately wants to fly…and to forget some painful memories.       
Stephen Irwin | Warp Films/BBC New Talent | 3:54     

Life Size Zoetrope     
The morose life story of one man, told via a one-take live-action shot of a human zoetrope containing the film. 
Mark Simon Hewis | 6:30  

National Lottery: The Big Win       
Marc Craste | Studio AKA | 1:00

Vesicare: Zoo
David Anderson | Schofield Films | 1:00

Cravendale: Last Glass           
Pic Pic Andre | Nexus Productions | :40

The Great Hat Heist  
Mr Haten Bugelperp, a great lover of hats, plans the greatest hat heist of all times. But it doesn’t quite work out as expected.
Lewi Firth Bolton | 7:55

Bell x1: Rocky Took a Lover  
Rocky and his girlfriend fly off into the night sky in their car. SSSR | Passion Pictures | 3:42

Ole' Black + Blue Eyes     
A crazed transvestite bank-robber runs amok in an old wild west town.
John Sunter and Jon Yeo | Weilands/Wonderland | 3:31

A couple have a rubbish argument.
Sandra Ensby | Distribution | 3:00

End of the Street       
An incremental change of events, a street level response to the Beaufort Wind Force Scale in which an unseen visitor whips up chaos upon a street’s inhabitants.
Andy Martin | 4:57       

Cat Man Do
A hungry cat tries to wake up his owner.
Simon Tofield | Tandem Films Entertainment | 1:30   

A distressed phone call rallies an assortment of rampaging dinosaurs, superheroes, cops & helicopters to the aid of a cat stranded in a tree...    
Steve May | Picasso Pictures | 3:24 

Winterthur: A Town Called Tomorrow
Sylvain Chomet | Th1ng | 1:30 

Sure: Go Wild             
Noam Murro | Biscuit Filmworks/Independent | 1:00

Pearce Sisters
A bleak hearted tale of two weather-lashed old spinsters; of love, loneliness, guts, nudity, violence, smoking and cups of tea.
Luis Cook | Aardman Animations | 9:17

Programme 2

Mrs. P gets lost in London so we don't have to.    
Sally Arthur | Arthur Cox | 3:20

Pecatum Parvum       
One day - one life in St. Petersburg, based on the poetry and life of Russian poet Daniil Kharms.  
Asya Lukin | Royal College of Art | 09:30

Robbie Williams: Skiving
A reflection on the life of a 16-year-old teenager, set in 80s Britain.
Madeleine Duba & Alex Scott | DubAnimation/Midget Productions | 04:20

Puppini Sisters: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
The heroic bugle boy and his band create a rhythmic whirlwind of fun that sweeps through 40s London       
Laurie J Proud | Sherbet | 2:32

A diarist searches for flickers of hope in a drama of emotional and technical obsession.  
Ian Mackinnon | Royal College of Art | 6:30

Crow Moon 
A flock of black crows, need light for protection from dusk’s advancing shadows take a piece of the sun and use it to save themselves from the darkness.
Selina Cobley | Red Kite Animations | 4:45

Ribena: Migration      
Daniel Greaves | Tandem Films Entertainment | 40

Lloyds: For The Journey
Marc Craste | Studio AKA | 1:00

Leonard Cheshire Disability: Stick Insect     
Steve Harding-Hill | Aardman Animations | :30

S1 Jobs: Doodle
Gili Dolev | Ink Digital | :30

Ujbaz Izbeneki Has Lost His Soul
When Ujbaz Izbeneki descends into hell, nobody is prepared for the chaos that follows in the wake of the man who has lost everything.  
Neil Jack | Kolik Films Ltd | 5:20

Yours Truly 
In which the ultimate kiss-off letter sets off a twisting plot in a noir world where animation and live action collide.  
Osbert Parker | 8:00

GravenHurst: The Velvet Cell
The velvet cell is a dark and twisted eco-system - business men run around and a chef chops meat in the kitchen.
Thomas Hicks | Doppercat | 3:30

One Eskimo: Hometime   
A story of liberation and re-birth.      
Matt Latchford/Lucy Sullivan     | Gravy Media | 5:17

Sweetworld/Lisle Turner| Amnesty International | 2:32

Sky Carbon Neutral: Cool Cat       
Richard Bazley | HRA | 1:00

Dreams and Desires: Family Ties 
Beryl becomes obsessed with the filmmaking process, using her newly acquired digi-camera to articulate her dreams and desires in a video diary.
Joanna Quinn | Beryl Productions | 10:00

Tidy Monster
The descent into an insane mind of an unseen character. A room is all there is in his world, and we watch as he struggles to keep it tidy. Ultimately, what is happening to the room is up to you.
Tim Marchant | University of Hertfordshire | 5:00

Programme 3

John and Karen 
John apologises to Karen after an argument.       
Matthew Walker | Arthur Cox | 3:30

We all have a body and guts in it. Is your gut rumbling around?
Nagisa Kinoshita | UCCA | 2:06

Milk Teeth    
A young boy follows his sister into a field as she sneaks out to see her boyfriend. 
Tibor Banoczki | NFTS | 11:00

One of the Family      
The most important family member in the eyes of the besotted British pet owner.
Lucy Izzard | BBC Bristol  | 2:05

Weight Watchers: Gorgeous          
Daniel Greaves | Tandem Films Entertainment | :30

Zune: Endless Cookie     
SSSR | Passion Pictures | 1:00

Olay: Line    
Suzanne Deakin | Slinky Pictures | 1:00

A dark journey into one man's mind and the even darker world around him.
Damian Jordan | 04:27

PSAPP: Hi   
In their studio at night, a bizarre menagerie of creatures made from hearts of the internal workings of their instruments, come alive and perform.  
Trunk | Trunk Animation | 3:50

Subtle: The Mercury Craze     
If you sell off part of yourself to everyone, then what will you have left one day? 
SSSR | Passion Pictures | 3:34

Yarn...Good Light is Essential       
A woman is always waiting for the one. One lonely night, she is still waiting and wondering: what is there to do?  
Reka Gacs | Royal College of Art | 3:00

Tongue of the Hidden     
Based on artist Jila Peacock’s illustrations of the work of Persian poet Hafez, whose language of human love and metaphors of intoxication expressed his desire for the divine and fascination with the universal mysteries.
David Anderson | 5:30

Fujiya Miyaki: Ankle Injury     
Growing up in the 80s: football, gymnastics, playgrounds, computer games, fireworks, slot car sets….  
Wade Shotter | Joy Rider Films/Factory Films | 3:00

Melodic Records: Tokyo Moon     
Lonely young Rachel thinks her prayers have been answered when she receives an ad for's Robot husbands.       
Mark Nute | 3:50

Chips Ahoy: Convertible 
Ken Lidster | Loose Moose Ltd | :30

Guinness: Seconds From Greatness          
Marc Craste | Studio AKA | 1:00

Sony Bravia: Play-Doh    
Darren Walsh & Frank Budgen | Passion Pictures | 1:30

Poor Mrs Dombilard. Her cat Pushkin has gone missing. Will she ever see him again?     
Trevor Hardy | Fool Hardy Films | 5:00

A young boy's journey.      
Tom Brown/Daniel Gray | University of Wales Newport | 2:57

For the Love of God 
Graham and his tyrannical Mother both love God… but in very different ways. Will Graham consummate his unholy fantasy and can it live up to his expectations? 
Joe Tucker | NFTS | 11:00