Animation Avantgarde 01

A collection of outstanding international animation, experimental film and digital audio-visual art.
The DVD features the following films by renowned artists and uprising young talents:
Max Hattler | Aanaatt
Gil Alkabetz | Da Vinci Timecode
Thorsten Fleisch | Dromosphere
Michel Klöfkorn | Flüssiges Papier
Atsushi Wada | In a Pig’s Eye
Andreas Hykade | Love & Theft
Nicolas Mahler | Mystery Music
Alexei Tylevich | N.A.S.A. A volta Monica Gallab | Nice Day for a Picnic
Momoko Seto | Planet A
Rimas Sakalauskas | Sinchronizacija
Clemens Kogler | Stuck in a Groove
Dirk Coy | The City
Veronika Schubert | Tintenkiller (Ink Eraser)
Signe Baumane | Teat Beat of Sex

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