Miles Jupp recalls his experience of hosting in 2018

I was the host in 2018 and had a delightful evening. The audience are a very relaxed and interesting bunch of people – beautiful even (but not in a showy way) – and the awards themselves are also beautiful and unique, an individual gong lovingly crafted especially for the occasion in each category.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to see a huge amount of footage of the wide range of genuinely fabulous animation that is produced in this country, and to be reminded of the astonishing skill and artistry of the people who work on all of these films. It is work that really does to serve not just to be seen but to be celebrated.

I also seem to recall that there was a rather fun party afterwards which I was in absolutely no hurry whatsoever to leave. I met lots of delightful people, was polite enough to accept all drinks that I was offered and I imagine that I got home in a taxi. 

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